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Accessing Our Creativity

Most of the time we associate creativity with painters, writers, inventors, musicians, choreographers, etc. We think that it belongs in the realm of artists of one kind or another. We go to a concert or a movie and if it’s good we frequently feel energized or altered in some way. Artistry of all kinds has the ability to move us and impact our emotions and sometimes, even our lives.

What is it that makes that happen? 

Life Goals

How knowing your goals can make a difference in what you do

When I have a new client one of the first things we discuss is where they are in different areas of their lives and where they want to be. I give them a chart with several categories and they assess where they are in each category rating it from 1-10. The categories are: health, money, career, personal growth, physical environment, fun and recreation, friends and family and significant other (romance). It’s a powerful tool to become aware of where you are in the moment in your life. Frequently my clients are shocked or surprised when they do this exercise, mostly because they’ve never taken the time to look at their lives specifically in this way.


How they control our lives

A couple of days ago I watched a child have a temper tantrum in the supermarket. It was a good one – down on the floor kicking and screaming. People took a wide berth, made judgmental faces about the kid and the mother and hurried on as if they were being made uncomfortable. 

When I stopped to think about it I realized how frequently we blame others for our reactions to a situation. It doesn’t matter what the story is. It could be about corrupt CEO’s or politicians, global warming caused by greed, who’s responsible for the lousy economy, war and terrorism, our daughter’s wayward husband etc. etc. If we assign blame to someone then it seems as if we are justified in our reactions. 

The Fantasy Bond
A Poem

The Fantasy Bond

Bonded to a fantasy    

of what it 

would be,

could be, 

should be like.

Mother, Father, Family,

Teacher, Preacher, Doctor, President,

The Career, The Marriage, The Education.

Who Are We Without Our Stories?

What makes us tell the stories we tell about who we think we are?

We all have reasons and explanations we give ourselves about any situation we are going through or have gone through that become stories that we tell ourselves and others. We have stories about our lives that we tell over and over. Some are stories that may or may not even be true, but we’ve told them so often we now believe they are true.

Managing Our Time and Space

What do you really need and want?

Springtime is here and garage sales will soon begin, as people are letting go of things they no longer want or need. For some people spring-cleaning and organizing their home, office, garage, storage unit or lives, in general, is an easy task. They don’t have a difficult time making decisions or creating order out of the chaos in their lives and so are able to reduce the amount of stress they experience.


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