Coaching with Siama

Managing Our Time and Space

What do you really need and want?

Springtime is here and garage sales will soon begin, as people are letting go of things they no longer want or need. For some people spring-cleaning and organizing their home, office, garage, storage unit or lives, in general, is an easy task. They don’t have a difficult time making decisions or creating order out of the chaos in their lives and so are able to reduce the amount of stress they experience. 

That is not the cases for most people. Take a look around your house, yard, office, attic, basement or garage and see how it feels to walk into that space. What is working and what isn’t? Is the storage space you have filled to the brim? When is the last time you looked through the garage or basement? What do you say to yourself as you enter that space? Do you feel good because you know that what you have is exactly what you need and that all the rest has been taken care of?  

If you cannot say, “yes” to that last question, then it means that it’s time to begin a new process. It does not have to be difficult. Sometimes it is just as easy as making the decision and then scheduling in the time to do it. Most of the time we say to ourselves that we “will get around to it sometime” but never do. For those unable/unwilling to set the time, then it’s a good idea to look to see why you are being resistant and what is going on internally. Frequently we toss it off by telling ourselves that there is no time, energy or even desire to organize our stuff. And yet, it does create inner turmoil and stress because the space is either unusable or misused. We think that by ignoring it, somehow it doesn’t impact us. That is generally delusional thinking.

If you fall into the latter category I suggest that you make a priority list. Just go into the space that needs your attention and for 10 minutes (no more) look around and imagine the place cleaned and organized. . Maybe that space could be used for something totally different if you got rid of what you are not using now or rearranged it to accommodate a new interest or hobby? Nothing is set in stone and that includes our stuff. With a pad and a pen write down the things that you know you want to get rid of right now. On another page, write down the things that could be sold on e-bay or at a garage sale. Take another page and write the things that can be given away. Then make an appt. with yourself and or your spouse or partner and commit to spending between one and two hours working on the transformation of your space. If you need to, enroll a friend to help you get started or make it a project for the whole family. 


  1. What space could be organized or transformed in your life?
  2. What is keeping you from doing it? Is it true?
  3. Assess any levels of stress that may be associated with how you manage your time and space. Is it worth it?